Specialist shoe emporium Penelope Chilvers streamlines stock management with integrated retail and e-commerce solutions from Eurostop

Eurostop, supplier of retail management solutions for the fashion, footwear and general merchandise sectors has been selected by Penelope Chilvers to provide retail and e-commerce solutions. Penelope Chilvers, described as a mecca for the ‘heel-phobic’ has a devoted following and is recognised for its flagship ‘dandy slipper’ as well as for its range of espadrilles and urban boots. The new system brings together stock management for the recently opened Ledbury Road, Notting Hill store and the burgeoning online business.

Emma Turner, at Penelope Chilvers said; “With the opening of our new store and our growing e-commerce channel it was necessary for us to invest in a fully integrated stock and data solution. As well as enabling us to manage our stock more efficiently, the new solution will also allow us to run more targeted marketing campaigns and help us to build our customer loyalty database.” Eurostop was selected for a number of reasons, including its knowledge and experience in the footwear sector, its omni-channel solution that covers bricks and mortar stores as well as online, and for its flexible approach and hands on project management. The new Penelope Chilvers website will be based on Eurostop’s responsive e-commerce platform, which uses fluid layout and responsive design principals so that the website is automatically optimised to fit any screen size, from smartphones such as iPhones and Android devices, up to iPads, other tablet devices and desktop computers. By providing one website that adapts depending on the device through which it is accessed, product and customer information is maintained centrally. The benefit to the shopper of this approach is that whatever device they use, their customer details follow them.  Click to Call and Click to Email buttons, and links to social media ensure that customers are able to communicate directly from their device. The Eurostop solution will provide accurate reporting on all sales, giving margin and gross profit across each channel.  Merchandising reports will cover sell thru, stock cover and best sellers by colour, size and style.  This will help Penelope Chilvers to avoid sell outs, and place replenishment orders for popular lines in good time. Deborah Loh, Marketing Manager at Eurostop said; “Eurostop is committed to providing retail solutions that enable high profile designers such as Penelope Chilvers to do what they do best, concentrate on the design and production of fabulous products.  Our solutions help to manage the business providing timely information to support commercial decisions.”

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