The DAKS name has always been synonymous with British Heritage, style and elegance. Originally founded in 1894 by Simeon Simpson, who provided a bespoke tailoring service in Middlesex Street, in the City of London, soon earning a reputation as ‘Simpson’s Suits’.

In 1934, Alexander Simpson, the second son of Simeon Simpson, invented a completely revolutionary garment, a milestone in fashion, introducing a style of trouser that featured an adjustable waistband that eliminated the need for belts and braces that were restrictive yet necessary for British Gentleman up until this point.

Today the brand is one of the UK’s most quintessentially British luxury labels, specialising in fine tailoring and accessories for both Men and Women. The brand’s unique House Check, which is recognised worldwide, was introduced in 1976 and has become an international symbol for the brand, featuring heavily throughout the clothing and accessories ranges.

DAKS is very proud to hold Royal Warrants granted from three members of the Royal Family. Our Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen dates from 1962, that from the Duke of Edinburgh from 1956 and that from The Prince of Wales from 1982. The Royal Warrants are a hard-earned reflection of excellence of product and service and are rigorously scrutinised by the Royal Warrant Holders Association every five years.

Over the years, DAKS has enjoyed a strong affiliation with sport and the brand has contributed actively to the sports world. DAKS slacks were at the forefront of sportswear and supplied uniforms for many of the British national teams for golf, tennis, cricket and football. These contributions have been much respected in both the sport and fashion world.

Worldwide, DAKS is exported to 30 countries and sold in over 2,000 speciality shops, major stores and concessions. With a strong reputation in the Far East markets, DAKS has been sold under license in Japan for over 30 years and in Korea is the number one non-domestic brand. Standalone stores in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan confirm DAKS’ position as a truly global brand.

The flagship store in London’s Old Bond Street underwent a major refurbishment programme and reopened in 2007. The new store gave DAKS the opportunity to rejuvenate its rich past with a sleek contemporary twist and present the brand in a new and luxurious yet classic setting.

DAKS, as one of Britain’s major fashion companies, continues to uphold the values of quality, reliability and innovation first established by Simeon Simpson over 100 years ago. These values remain unchanged and paramount to the brand’s identity, as does the pursuit to create much loved British classics.