Beauty Mart

Beauty Mart Owners Millie Kendall MBE opens new beauty products concession in prestigious West- End store.

Eurostop, a provider of solutions for fashion, footwear and lifestyle, has been chosen by BeautyMart, the latest new venture of Millie Kendall MBE (Co-founder of the well known beauty brand Ruby and Millie). BeautyMart, due to be launched in September 2012 in Harvey Nichols, London, is a new concept of a ‘beauty emporium’, offering over one hundred brands of beauty products ranging from the budget to the most sought after premium collections. Eurostop’s retail management system e-rmis has been selected to control and manage the stock inventory. Millie Kendal, founder of BeautyMart said: “BeautyMart is offering the customer a completely different way to browse and shop for beauty products. We will be selling limited edition, iconic and seasonal lines from over 100 different brands, and will need to manage stock over short periods of time in the same way as a fashion retailer. As a start up business tight management of our stock inventory will be critical to our success. Eurostop’s experience in the fashion retail sector and its solution matched our requirements exactly. “The Eurostop system gives us the flexibility to manage our stock lines in the same way as many fashion brands and will really enable us to manage our inventory well and support our business. We are excited by the system and look forward to using it.” BeautyMart also has plans in the future to offer its product ranges online, for which it intends to use Eurostop’s e-commerce solution. The integration of stock to fulfill and manage orders for the two sales channels was an important factor in the selection. Phillip Moylan, Sales & Marketing Manager at Eurostop said; “Over the years we have designed our systems to meet the needs of retailers, whether small independent boutiques or brands with concessions and stores nationwide. The challenges for any business are the same – efficient management of stock to ensure minimum wastage and maximum profit. We continue to listen and work with our customers to ensure that our systems address the challenges that retailers face today as they juggle multiple channels and try to anticipate customer choice, while keeping close control of stock.”