Retail Software

  • e-pos

    Eurostop’s POS solutions are multi-lingual and are in use in over 20,000 retail locations (UK, Europe, USA and Asia).

  • e-retail

    Eurostop’s market leading head office stock control software  is designed to manage the movement of stock and data.

  • e-commerce

    Eurostop’s e-commerce solution has all the features that today’s online shoppers need and what future ones will want.

  • m-commerce

    M-commerce from Eurostop ensures that your customers can carry on shopping, no matter what their location, using their preferred mobile device.

  • Retail Solution

  • e-ordering

    Intelligent optimisation of e-commerce orders for multi-channel retailers, helping multi-channel retailers manage their stock efficiently to fulfill e-commerce orders, improving your turnover and customer service.

  • e-cubes

    e-cubes is an out of the box Business Intelligence solution that enables you to access data to make better business decisions.

  • e-mall

    Let us look after your valuable data and as part of the product and service we provide you with friendly user interfaces and Business Intelligence reporting on your hosted data.

  • e-manager

    The Estate Manager provides all the tools necessary to deploy software, manage new versions and configure terminals to satisfy your specific operating requirements.