Tax Free Shopping for Overseas Visitors

Eurostop has partnered with Tax Free Worldwide (TFW) to offer additional functionality that will allow you to process tax free transactions for eligible customers via your Eurostop e-pos system. The system calculates the refund and processes the transaction quickly and reduces paperwork. Making tax free
shopping much easier for your customers, attracting extra sales and so boosting revenue.

The TFW system is fully integrated with e-pos, so transactions can be processed using your existing till equipment. The system is able to recognise the nationality from the credit card and apply the appropriate rules accordingly. It automatically calculates the VAT, the refund and the admin fee, and details the SKU/product information on the Tax Refund form. The form may also carry your logo to boost branding.

Benefits for the Retailer

  • Attract extra customers and high value sales
  • No additional equipment required
  • VAT refund and admin fee calculates automatically
  • Correct rules applied by the system
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Faster processing – better customer experience

Benefits for the Shopper

  • Tax free transactions automatically applied when paying by credit card
  • Tax free purchases also available for cash transactions
  • Fast, no-fuss transactions
  • Fast refund available from TFW refund points

Comprehensive Reporting

Details of all transactions are available for comprehensive reporting allowing the Retailer to see:

  • Tax free sales revenue by store, month and year
  • Nationality of shopper by store, month and year
  • Number of transactions
  • Average amount per transaction
  • Highest purchase amount

Reports can be generated automatically and circulated to appropriate staff electronically, ensuring your management team is kept fully up to date.