Intelligent optimisation of e-commerce and epos software

Intelligent optimisation of e-commerce orders for multi-channel retailers, helping multi-channel retailers manage their stock efficiently to fulfill e-commerce orders, improving your turnover and customer service.

e-fulfilment integrates your e-commerce site with the main stock control system enabling faster processing of orders and maximising your available stock across your sales channels.

How it works
  • The e-commerce site passes the customer’s online order to the stock control system, the e-rmis head office system, which then performs all necessary steps to fulfil the order;
    • Prioritises each e-commerce order as it arrives
    • Identifies how best to obtain stock to fulfil the order
    • Auto-generates picks for the warehouse or selects stock from identified stores to be sent to the fulfilment warehouse
    • Alerts the e-pos system in store so that items in stock are identified and prioritised for the e-commerce order
    • Notifies the e-commerce site of order shipped which then notifies the customer by email
    • Straightforward customer notification and sale returns

    The system has an optional extra to integrate with a courier so that customers may be advised of shipping details and a delivery tracking number. The system can also handle customer returns by recalling the web order and returning the stock to a nominated location in the fulfilment warehouse.

    At all times the warehouse is provided with the latest status information on transfers, notifying when they have been completed. e-fulfilment also enables warehouse staff to handle exceptions in the stock sourcing, should the stores not send the stock as requested. The transfer request can be cancelled and an alternative transfer arranged. You can even nominate stores to ship stock directly.

    Eurostop’s e-fulfilment helps multi-channel retailers to:

    • maintain a competitive edge with a more efficient, faster online customer service
    • increase profits by maximising stock turnover
  • e-fulfilment is a module designed to assist retailers fulfil an online customer order either from branch stock or warehouse. The system enables retailers with different sales channels to fulfil web orders by utilising their live stock from either the warehouse or retail shops. Intelligent e-fulfilment delivers the following benefits;
    • Ensures accurate stock positions for both retail and e-commerce channels
    • Improves turnover of stock through smarter allocation and fulfilment
    • Faster online order processing with an integrated system
    • Improves customer service through priority fulfilment of online orders