e-cubes Out of the box Business Intelligence solution

e-cubes is an out of the box Business Intelligence solution that enables you to access data to make better business decisions. The solution delivers data that can be used for analytical and reporting purposes to your Excel spreadsheet . You can customise your own business intelligence reports by both content and layout. Reporting is simple; e-cubes allows dragging and dropping the required items either as rows or columns, with the ability to create custom calculations.

As well as providing powerful analysis features, the reports look good, users are able to save in a variety of graphical formats, save personalised views of data and send copies to other users via email as well.

What is it used for?
Server Requirements
    • Design & save reports with refresh
    • Flexible drag & drop
    • Slicing & dicing and charting of data all within the familiar
    • environment of Microsoft Excel
    • Calculated fields
    • Interchangeable rows and columns
    • Data filters
    • Automatic sub totals and totals
    • User defined access
    • e-cubes are designed to run on a separate data server.
    • Please speak to Eurostop for minimum server specifications.

Factsheet download

Factsheet(s) for download

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